Age of War


About Age of War

Age of War is a very fun strategy game made by Louissi. The game has simple images and it is simple to play this game on internet flash.

Game has 3 modes for gamers from simple to hard. To begin with, you’ll be given with a main home and so will the enemy. Your job is to find a means to ruin the major house of your enemy. You may use gold to purchase soldiers and strike your opponent’s base.

To be able to reach another age you have to have XP.

You might even use gold to purchase defensive weapons to your foundation. Additionally, the game also includes a distinctive special skill system. These distinctive skills will also change as you enter into a new era, but they possess the cooldown time.

Once your base is attacked and dropped health, you can’t fix it. However, while you step through the brand new era, they’ll be recovered.