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Amigo Pancho 3


About Amigo Pancho 3

Amigo Pancho 3 is the next installment from the jigsaw mystery series manufactured by Yury Koshechkin.

Sancho will nevertheless have two balloons into his palms, but originally the 2 balloons won’t fly up, only once you click on Sancho, he blows off the air so that the two balls are stretched and will flyup.

The problem of the sport within this section will probably be raised, if in the preceding section there are phases you simply have to organize the location of these hurdles initially, then whenever there’s a secure course, Pancho will escape. Within this region of the sport, the majority of the time that you need to combine the devastation of barriers, just correct time to ruin the second barrier or to make a safe route for Pancho, since the period is going to have. More than 1 barrier.

The obstacles within this segment will also be diverse, there are times when you’ll need to eliminate the sand to make a safe flight route to dodge the bees using a pointed needle which can bubble the bubble up and then use rockets to destroy massive boulders. Halt the street, use the slider to modify the cactus is correct over Sancho’s mind, make the most of cactus or bee to knock down the bad men …