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Amigo Pancho 4


About Amigo Pancho 4

Still with the recognizable Disney animation design as before, but the plot is much more interesting with three components and our primary character in this segment is Pancho.

Game Contains 31 phases divided into 3 components:

Component 1 in level 1 to level 10: Speak about Pancho as well as the arid desert Texax into China with Tibetan fan Pancho. Texas filled with rain with 5 levels F and Siberia in Russia are overly ideal using a temperature of 89 degrees F. Pancho chose to make a visit to Siberia. However, the Normal enemy is facing Enormous clouds of hail, gas escapes that spit fire, are deciphering so as to trigger the missiles …

Generally speaking, challenges are pushed to a rather large degree, after finding a means to destroy the barriers in addition to locating a safe route to escape, you need to control the actual moment. What could be achieved on the street because the road security is occasionally quite narrow only sufficient to fly two balloons. Only a little biased may be unable to safely fly up.

Each phase in the start will have 1000 points and this amount will reduce until you finish the stage. Now, the remaining part of the score will be the amount of points you obtain from the point.