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Another Planet 2


About Another Planet 2

Another Planet 2 is an enjoyable and fascinating puzzle game made by Egor Safronov, Alexander Ahura and Valentina Gurina. The game is intended for gamers online.

A total of 20 stages in this sport with every stage is going to be challenging for you. Your primary job is to assist the aliens receive the diamond.

But, there’ll be several obstacles like creatures, bullets, lava pits or areas. It is possible to jump and apply the weapon to destroy the creatures on the map.

The intriguing part of the game is that your gun also divides the walls. This is a really important feature and it’ll allow you to make the route into the diamond.

After you pick up the diamond, the machine is going to be contingent on the period completion period, the amount of shots, the amount of times you die to figure the factors for you.