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Awesome Cars


About Awesome Cars

Wonderful Automobiles is an unlimited runner kind car game with a remarkably straightforward but intriguing way to playwith.

After every run, based on the space that you have attained, the game will reward you with celebrities (the highest is 3) in addition to cash depending on your rating. You may use this cash to either update your vehicle to make it simpler or purchase a newer and more modern vehicle. Along the road, there are also gold coins which you are able to collect to boost your score.

The intriguing issue is that the game provides you a lot of choices in purchasing a new car in addition to upgrading the automobile itself.

There are 9 different typed of automobiles and you’re awarded the first one free of charge while another types each have a different cost. What is unique is that the more expensive the vehicle is, the greater it stats is.

There are 12 purposes which you could upgrade for your car for example Magnet: raises percent of appeal. Better Tires: raises percent of friction. New Engine: raises percent of power.