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Bad Ice Cream 2


About Bad Ice Cream 2

Lousy Ice Cream two will bring you delight as you explore the numerous new features in this movie. In “Bad Ice Cream two” not simply have enemies’ abilities been improved, however, the terrain has now turned into a barrier in your way too. There’ll be exceedingly fast changing terrain, portable walls which you can’t allow them to touch, stains on flame where you need to extinguish them by shooting ice on them, fruits together with thighs that you need to chase after, etc.. Overall, “Poor Ice Cream two” will provide you with a fresh and fascinating experience to your table.

Do not forget to bring along a buddy so that they can join you in “Poor Ice Cream two” and you both are able to defeat the map together.

Additionally, there are other games from the series that you play with such as Bad Ice Cream, Bad Ice Cream 3 … or you might also play similar two player matches like Gun Mayhem, Soccer Physics …
Player 1 make or split the ice with the “Space” key and participant 2 with the “F” key.
Split the ice to make a means to pick fruit up but do not experience the enemy.
Produce ice cubes to block enemies whenever they come close to you.
Observe carefully and dodge terrain-based cubes on each map.