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Basketball Master


About Basketball Master

Basketball Master is a very simple activity game. The game also makes it interesting by allowing the player view that the basketball trajectory before throwing it in the hoop.

This might be a very simple game, but the challenges in this game will not be as simple as you may think. You are going to need to manage competitions blocking the way along with both the competitions and the hoop is able to move up and down which makes it difficult for you to throw the basketball into the hoop. These challenges will require you to time it precisely and also have the trajectory of the basketball lineup with all the moving hoop that you are throwing at.

Bear in mind that you need to aim the basketball to ensure that it soil from the hoop without touching either the hurdles along with the rim of the hoop to receive 3 points, even if the ball you threw landed via the hoop whilst already having struck on the hurdles or the rim of the hoop then based on the amount of occasions it strikes something, you might just get 2 points, 1 point or perhaps no points in any way.