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Battle of Heroes


About Battle of Heroes

With adorable graphics and enjoyable play games, the sport is acceptable for all ages.

Primarily, you may select one of both groups: the hero group as well as also the monster team. You want to select a lane and make soldiers to assault your opponent’s base. Soldiers will proceed on the lane you’ve picked. When you ruin your opponent’s base, you’ll pass the point.

But to earn a soldier, you have to have gold. Purchase miners to use gold to you. Additionally, mana will be employed to trigger exceptional skills. These abilities will help your troops.

The intriguing part of the game is that there’ll be a number of distinct kinds of soldiers with unique skills. You have to pick the kind of soldier that is appropriate for your requirements. After finishing the stage, the machine will provide you stars. You’ll find a max of 3 stars for every phase.

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