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Bob The Robber 2


About Bob The Robber 2

Bob The Robber two is the second element of the puzzle game collection. In “Bob The Robber two”, the robber is going to get a harder time since he experiences new challenges. The door locks are now more complicated, requiring one to use the Arrow keys to align with the holes in the lock when time it right to place the key into the hole and then unlock it. Obviously the laser wall mounted system has now been upgraded too, today requiring the robber to use pliers to cut the ideal wire to disable the laser partitions, and if you cut the wrong wires then the alarm will go away.

In “Bob The Robber two”, every degree is now larger and the amount of times the alarm goes off has been decreased from 5 to 4. New enemies which will appear include guard dogs which may only be hit in the back and powerful guards that can not be knocked unconscious if you don’t apply the “Shocker” thing that you purchase in the Gadgets store. The Gadgets store is a new attribute in the sport and contains 5 things that you are able to purchase with the cash you stole to help you handle the challenges more easily.