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Bob The Robber 3


Bob The Robber 3 Game

Bob The Robber 3 is the next installment of the enjoyable puzzle game collection. Within this area, the robber is hired to go to a key place to complete a specified assignment, occasionally requiring you to move from 1 place into the other, and also other times demanding one to halt the scientist out of pressing the alarm button. The robber in their own must discover necessary gadgets such as the paperclip to unlock locked doors or the pliers to cut the cable and disable the laser walls. This time round, you will also need to manage heavily-equipped soldiers who can not be pumped out and could simply be passed by hiding in the shadows.

In “Bob The Robber 3”, you will find no longer multiple alarms, rather now once you make an error as soon as you lose. Additionally, in “Bob The Robber 3” you will find multiple save points in each point so that you won’t need to begin in the start when you shed.