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Bob The Robber 4


About Bob The Robber 4

It’s such an intriguing game that most people from children to adults can’t miss. It is going to never lets you down with new challenges that are humorous. You’ll discover yourself become more useful as you’re assisting Bob conquer all issues so that he can shield the town from the threat of Gamp business . . Bob wants your support.

Contrary toBob that the Robber 3 you’ll need to learn some helpful approaches to prevent guard and safety camera or you’ll be detained. Another way is that you can hide quietly in the shadow so which you are able to knock out all of the guards. Following that, you should select the lock fast to unlock the door and be sure you look at all items to search for money and resources. Remember to spend the goal items and vanish in the exit door. That’s how that you complete the assignment. Then because of cash robbed, you can buy new gadgets and costumes to back up your mission. Every assignment will have different issues and challenges, so do your best to observe all encompassed tings carefully before you choose to do anything else. Hope that you’ll see easy to conquer the France’s challenge.