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Bob The Robber


About Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber is a mystery plan game using a cute-looking artwork design. In this game you play with as a robber having a huge head and a glowing grin. Your work at “Bob The Robber” would be to visit the targeted region (the region which contains 4 arrows pointed in), then retreat into the starting place (appears after arriving in the targeted region). Finish the map as quickly as possible because there’ll be a timer to inform you how quickly you completed the degree.

In “Bob The Robber”, there are lots of barriers on your way which you need to pass by (including the butlers, cops, robots, camera programs, locked doors, doorways with keypads, laser partitions, etc..) . Attempt to have pass them and recall to catch as much cash as you can. It is important to be aware that the money is not observable but is concealed somewhere inside cabinets, boxes,. .

There are bits of paper scattered all over the level maps that you need to get to and read to acquire valuable information that will assist you pass the barriers. Whenever you’re discovered, an alarm will go off. You will shed when 5 alarms go off at the amount.