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Bomb It


About Bomb It

Bomb it iss a very enjoyable and addictive bomb-battle sport produced by Agame.com. The sport has adorable graphics, vivid colors and is acceptable for all ages, particularly kids and families.

The game enables players to play with 1 player and two gamers on precisely the exact same PC. Moreover, the game also has three modes for gamers from Easy to Conventional and Hard. When you enter into the game, you’ll have 4 characters to pick. Your job would be to control your personality into place bombs, collect bonus items on the map and discover methods to ruin other players. The winner will probably be the final survivor on the map.

The interesting point of this game is that on the map have a whole lot of bonus products, use them cleverly because occasionally you’ll be impacted by this product.

– Proceed quicker.
– Bomb bursting more.
– Shield guards enable you to not die when struck by the bomb.
– Proceed throw grenade finished wall.
– Push away the bomb.
– Place more bombs.
– Makes the competition freeze.
– Take fireballs.

Characters and maps, in addition to things are all very cute, and with enjoyable songs, the game will bring you hours of enjoyment and excitement.