Car Eats Car 3


Car Eats Car 3

If you have played through the past games in the show and was fascinated with the Special play mode of the Automobile Theft Automobile series then from the next match, you’ll be surprise with the inclusion of those new and intriguing attributes:

Your automobile is currently pre-equipped using the Golden Blaster.
The update system has an additional upgrade section for your Blaster.
There are currently 7 kinds of gadgets and bombs to update.

There’s a new attribute that are stickers which you may purchase in the Shop to beautify your car.

Together with the new attributes, the terrain in every degree has become more challenging, the amount of enemies also have increase, and at times you need to go up with 3 to 4 enemies racing towards you simultaneously.

The sport has superior content in the shape of 4 VIP items such as the “Mouse” tank, the more “Antigravs” wheels, the “Hexa Thrusters” wings which makes the vehicle fly, and eventually the “Mohawk Gun”. You are going to need to complete all of the challenging requests to be able to unlock these things and use them.

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