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Cowboy Shoot Zombies


About Cowboy Shoot Zombies

Cowboy Shoot Zombies is an unlimited runner kind sport. In this game, you control a cowboy because he moves through a street full of zombies and gold coins. Try not to allow the zombies touch you or you will die.

It’s possible to use a gun into take down the zombies at the manner, but bear in mind that there is a cooldown period between each shot, which makes it tougher when you need to deal with two zombies standing alongside each other as every shot may only kill 1 zombie. Apart from that, while jogging you will discover white horses which you may ride and ram in the zombies.Also recall that when the time for riding your horse runs outside, you are going to keep on working on foot and when you can find zombies nearby then you are going to need to concentrate and either get pass it or kill it.