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Doodieman Voodoo


Doodieman Voodoo Game

Doodieman Voodoo is an easy stress-relief game manufactured by Tom Winkler. In this match, you are able to enter the title of somebody that you despise and Doodieman will turn you into a dummy for one to kiss it however you’d like.

The game brings amusement as you unwind with its vivid and colorful art style in addition to unique-looking moving images. On the other hand, the motions you can perform in this game are really “gruesome” to a individuals.

When you step in the game, you will command a character wearing red clothes with the overall look of a superhero and will have 11 buttons corresponding to 11 activities which you can play to torture that the dummy carrying the title of the individual that you despise. As an instance, pressing number 1 can make your character to plant a banana tree and flung shit in the dummy, pressing number two will create your character place up their but and take shit at precisely the same.

The sport intrigues players using its simplistic play fashion in addition to the innovative and funny-looking presents.