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Drago Adventure


About Drago Adventure

At the start of the match, you will notice a brief video about the storyline of this sport. It’s the conflict of two dragons Argon and Zylon. Throughout the war, Zylon burnt Argon’s home. Argon was blessed to rescue his son. And you’ll take charge of Zylon’s son to enjoy a thrilling experience.

But on the way there’ll be enemies such as wolves, monkeys or wild boar. Prevent them or measure them to knock them down.

When you get to the destination, the machine is going to be dependent upon bonus amount, time incentive to provide you with complete score. You may have 10 bloods and 10 resides in this sport. Attempt to safeguard the entire life and the blood which you have.

Game also have “shop” feature. You’ll use the accumulated diamonds to purchase the items required from the shop.