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Dynamons Game

Dynamons is a pet combat type game. In this game, you play as a coach on a search to train your Dynamons to become more powerful and triumph against other coaches as well as experience wild Dynamons.

Starting out, the game will allow you to select 1 of 3 Dynamons, each with unique strengths, flaws and abilities.

The intriguing matter in Dynamons is if combating wild Dynamons, it is possible to grab them whenever they’ve been weaken in conflict enough. If you win a conflict, your Dynamons will get EXP and finally level up, become more powerful and learn new abilities.

Bear in mind that after every conflict, your Dynamons will eliminate wellness so you are going to need to utilize Hearts to cure them, but you have to utilize then conservatively since the game is only going to offer you 1 Heart each 30 minutes.