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Earn To Die


Earn To Die

Earn To Die is a running Sport developed by Toffee Games Rather than Doppler. In “Make To Die”, your character needs to get pass the zombies and reach the helicopter to escape, but the street is very long and you’re going to first have to get yourself a vehicle so that you are able to access the helicopter.

Your target is to push your vehicle through dangerous terrain and plough through zombies while attempting to push as far as possible till you run out of gas. Based on how much you have driven, the game will reward you with cash. You may subsequently use this money to either buy better cars or update portions of your present car such as brakes, engine, gas tank, booster, automatic firearms…

Starting out, the match will provide you a tiny old car, out there you need to go with it and try to make as much cash as you can so that you are able to update your vehicle or find a brand new auto, continue doing this until you arrive at the helicopter in the end