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Electric man 2


About Electric man 2

When you begin the match, you have to customize your character, for example, developing a name, picking your color and deciding upon the ability level which includes simple, Regular and Guru.

Each round in this game comprises 4 games and in every game, you are going to encounter against different opponents. The more complicated the round, the more enemies which are even stronger will look in each individual match. In every game, your character is going to have a gym and if you use up all your health you then lose. Beside the gym is a battery symbol with 3 pubs and every single time you use a slow ability, you are going to consume 1 battery pub which subsequently will slowly recharge.

If you win a game, the match will upgrade with info like the competitor’s names, the amount of these, their ability levels, and the period of time that it took to finish the game and the total amount of health you’ve left. After completing a game, you will obtain a rescue code that may be utilized to reload your save file and play the game afterward when you are suddenly occupied with something and cannot continue playing.