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Empire Millennium Wars


Welcome to Empire: Millennium Warsa fun on the web strategy video game that’s about shooting one name into the very top, by all means mandatory.

Within this game, an extremely rare resource entirely in the world Mars called Millennium, has come to be the centre of focus on most mining corporations. Affected by businesses keen to earn private contracts and commanding interest of this Mars Trade Federation, the reddish planet turned fast to a violent war zone, even leaving play at the shadows, also greed and competitivity judgment the heads of Earth firm leaders.

Build your very own company empire and also do anything is required to remain above your contest. Plan every mine and move the infrequent resource Millennium to send the maximum amount possible towards this Mars Trade Federation. Do not under estimate your competitors. Watch their every movement and just take every chance to leave them outside of this race. Sabotage might be the vital part in your own strategy to grow to be number one.

Register free of charge and begin building your empire in your own pc or mobile gadget.

Controls: Mouse

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