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Endless Lake


About Endless Lake

Endless Lake is an unlimited runner sport manufactured by Mercenarystudio.com. This match has adorable graphics and easy play games, convenient for all ages, particularly kids and families.

In the game, you’ll control an extremely adorable square personality and the personality will automatically operate constantly non-stop. Your job is to conduct as far as you can. In the event that you at the best 10 players with the maximum score, then your name will show up on the leaderboard online.

Make the most of this capability to overcome the barriers in the sport. The challenge of the game is that the space in route. You have to work out precisely if you should jump once and when you need to jump twice.

Moreover, there’ll be particular portals that if you run through it, your personality will divide into multiple personalities. You’ll also find gold coins along the way. Use them to purchase new skins to your own character.