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Extreme Kitten


About Extreme Kitten

Extreme Kitten is a enjoyable amusement type game using a cute art design. In this game, you command a super adorable kitty since you leap as much as possible and get stars as benefits.

Extreme Kitten has you planning the moving arrow and hit leap once it reaches the 100% mark so that the kitty can start off using the ideal leap potential.

Whilst in the atmosphere, there’ll be several elements that will help our kitty move farther like kites, birds, bouncing balls, trampolines… and there’ll also be challenges that’ll slow down our kitty such as goal posts, so try to maneuver your kitty and dodge them.

A fascinating in “Extreme Kitten” is that there is a meter on the upper-left corner of this display, if this meter is complete, activate it using the left mouse click and your kitty will fall right to the floor and bounce back up. After using the capacity, it is going to take a while to recharge and then you are able to keep on with the capability.