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Fairytale Unicorn


Enter the magical world of Silvergames.com and also look after your loyal friend. Back in Fairytale Unicorn, a enjoyable Uni-Corn dressup and work out video game, you’ve got to start with helping the friendly fairy cleaning-up the stable to get a stunning but slightly grubby unicorn. Once the spot appears clean and nice, go right ahead and offer your pony a wonderful showerbrush itwash its own horn and also knock out most thornes and dirt. Afterward you are able to change its own hair color, horn color and placed onto a saddle, fitting reins and much more trendy stuff. Whenever you’re finished with your Uni-Corn, attempt to address the mystery to unlock the magical carriage. And not giving the pretty-looking fairy a make over afterall? Love Fairytale Unicorn!

Controls: Mouse

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