Fancy Pants Adventure 2


About Fancy Pants Adventure 2

When you start stage 1, you’re going to be provided a review of the game’s plot. Angered because of the, you are decided to jump down the hole yourself and search for the bunny underground.

A new kind of enemy would be the snails that if jumped on will retract in their cubes in which case you can then either kick the casing or toss it away. Other enemies like lions and gun-wielding rats will probably be amazed when jumped on and you need to kick them to conquer them.

In the next match, the terrain has also come to be a very major barrier for you as occasionally you’ve got to maneuver underground while other times you need to manage the terrains high over and constantly moving elevators which are thought to get on your own way. When you eventually face off from the boss giant bunny, it has the capacity to call forth spiders, snails… to be able to prevent you. You can not jump onto the giant bunny as it will not get ruined by that. You are going to need to jump onto the snail and then throw or kick the shell in the giant bunny to hurt it.

This game also has some other interesting things like with 6 decorations and 6 trousers colours which you need to locate and unlock within the duration of this match.