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Fancy Pants Adventure


About Fancy Pants Adventure

In this game, you command a rod man with flowing hair and a touch pair of yellow trousers as you attempt to get across rough terrain at a jungle. The rod man is able to move at very substantial rates and can run round loops. Your task is to have the rod man through the treacherous terrain and enemies, pick up coins and securely get to the end. Starting out in every phase, you have a gym and 3 resides. At any time you touch an enemy, then you are going to shed a little bit of health and you have run from HP, you will lose a life.

You’re able to conquer an enemy by jumping in their mind, or simply by gaining momentum to be able to flake out and roll towards them. There are various sorts of enemies you will encounter on your trip such as lions, gun-wielding rabbits, giant birds… The intriguing thing about this sport is that there are secret channels in each point, and should you detect them, indoors will have plenty of coins that you collect. There’s also a Trophies platform that you may see in bonus rooms during the adventure. You will realize the gameplay of the game resembles Mario or Sonic.