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Feed Me More


About Feed Me More

Feed Me More is a cute and enjoyable puzzle game. With remarkable graphics and easy gameplay, the game is acceptable for all ages, particularly kids and families.

The game includes a total of 35 phases, each phase will be tough for you. Your primary task in the sport is to locate adorable monsters to consume food. Their food is a unique sort of liquid created by a scientist.

This map might have a monster, but another is 3 critters. You’ll also need to utilize all of the items in the map such as gas to burn off ropes, explosive barrels, springsand exhaust fans, magnets … to make levers and deliver liquid into the mouth of these critters (creature can’t move).

Attempt to receive a total of 105 celebrities of this sport.

Additionally, the game also has success with 10 6 and quests languages for gamers to select.