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Flying Cat


About Flying Cat

Flying Cat is an unlimited runner kind sport. The cat needs to accumulate coins and red diamonds on the method to have the ability to make it to the aim.

In this match, the diamonds and coins function as an energy supply for your cat to keep on flying, if you do not always accumulate it then you will fall back down and it is game over. Try to collect as many diamonds and coins as possible since it’s used for updates on your own. The 3 skills which you may update are shields so that you may take additional strikes, a magnet so that you can draw cash from a distance and the length of the super style.

Our cat also includes a super style, which when used will produce the cat not be influenced when hitting the barrier and even when struck with the boss’s strike for a short period of time. Once you use it, then it is going to take a while to recharge this particular ability.

At the conclusion of every segment in “Flying Cat”, you are going to need to face off against a supervisor. Consider dodging its attacks for a particular period of time and you’re going to pass this section.