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Football Legends 2016


Football Legends 2016

Your aim in this game is to control your player and attempt to receive the football ball to the opponent’s goal.

The game will support as Many as 2 players also has 3 modes:

Fast Match: Perform a Fast match.
Random Match: Your sport will choose the teams for you and your competitor. Within this manner, you can select either 1 vs 1, 2 versus 1 or 2 vs 2.
Championship: You may also select either 1 vs 1, 2 versus 1 or 2 vs two, but here you compete at a championship. You are permitted to pick your favourite team before you perform. Should you aim to acquire third place, there’s an additional 3rd Place Match.

Every game is 90 minutes and can be split into two halves, every 45 minutes long. After 90 seconds, whomever scores more goals wins. In the case that a game ends with a tie at the Tournament, the match will last with and additional half.

It is possible to observe that the football players seem very amusing with their giant heads and little bodies. The design of this field is also quite interesting as the football players compete around the area while the targets are on higher floor so you are going to need to be exact so as to kick the ball to the opponent’s goal.

Another intriguing thing about this game is that every soccer group has a max of two football players, each having a unique skill named SuperShot and Teleport. SuperShot allows you to kick the ball with a force so great that even the competitor participant will get pushed back completely if they attempt to halt the ball.

The sport has 15 achievements, a few of which you may become by simply playing the sport while some are going to make you interact with the id.net system. There’s also an internet leaderboard which shows the best players in the sport.