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Get On Top


About Get On Top

In this match, there are two characters with various colours. Both characters are holding one another’s hands and set up to wrestle each other to the floor. Your target is to control your personality and defeat your competition by making your opponent’s head hit the ground before yours do.The challenging part about the game is that you could just create your personality either push forward, pull back or leap up and while doing these activities, both the hands and your competitor’s palms are stuck together, so if you are not careful then you might wind up making your own head hit the ground prior to your competitor’s head does. Though this game isn’t difficult to play, you are going to need to pay attention to details like your present angle, the total amount of force you are employing (the longer you hold the button which performs an activity, the more force you will create for that activity) and unite moves together as efficiently as possible if you would like to win.

Every time you make your opponent’s head touch the ground, you will get 1 point and vice versa, all of the way until one of you reaches 11 points at which case that individual is your winner.

If you’re wanting to compete with your relatives or friends at a very simple but enjoyable game, then this is the sport for you.

The sport has a variant on cellular known as Touch On Top Mobile for Android and iOS.

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How to play

User Interface keys to control the character.