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Give Up, Robot


About Give Up, Robot

Give Up, Robot is just a fantastic action video game made by Matt Thorson along with his team. Your task would be to over come the barriers as you go along and arrive at the destination . It sounds overly easy, isn’t it? Stop trying, Robot has lots of degrees, each level can be an issue for you personally. Attempt to finish your assignment as swiftly as possible.

If you’re a newbie, I advise you need to play Normal Game. It’s possible to jump and move. Specifically, you own a hook and also you’re able to utilize it to swing. Make use of the hook effortlessly to overcome difficult conditions. You nearly need to make use of it in all degrees, if you’d like to finish your assignment.

Once you play with at higher rates, the challenges which provide Up, Robot brings for you will probably end up more harder. By way of instance, in degree 2, you could face a spike which spins consistently. In the event that you touch with the spike, then you will perish (however you’re able to play ). Notice: You are able to throw your hook into the wing and spike into your mark location. Then you definitely may face lava lanes at level 3 and degree 4…

Your position as well as your time are just two major keys for completing the video game stop trying, Robot. With interesting gameplay and special images, ” I presume stop trying, Robot provides you pleasure minutes. This video game also contains lots of different challenges waiting one to conquer. Fantastic luck and have a great time!
Howto Play:

Use right and left arrow keys to proceed.
Utilize S or X or upward arrow key to jump.
Utilize Z or even a To grapple, then burn down or up arrow key to correct and left or right arrow key into fold.
You’re able to play , Robot in fullscreen mode.
Once jump, you holds it for optimum elevation.
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Today, input give robot up un-blocked, help your robot over come obstacles and finish all of your assignments. Play today!

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