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Gods of Arena


Gods of Arena

After coming back from a very long journey, he receives news that his dad has passed away 3 days ahead. Everybody together with the furniture, gold, jugs and everything are all gone. Reason being that the creditors required everything when his dad died. Your goal in this game is to begin with this 1 gladiator, train him and acquire more fighters to ensure Cornelius’ military will grow more powerful.

You are going to need to fight from the Zucchabar stadium against tough opponents. Bear in mind that after every round, the opponents will likely be more powerful and the amount of competitions will increase. You can not socialize much if your gladiators have a struggle except for utilizing particular skills. Everything that you will need to do is prepare to your own gladiators as best you can before stepping right into a struggle.

At the conclusion of every battle, if you win then you will get EXP and gold. Whenever your gladiators have sufficient EXP, they will level up along with their stats will grow. You will find 5 stats composed of Strike (the quantity of damage you deal to your competitors), Health (the quantity of hit points your own gladiators have), Defense (the opportunity to block your competitors’ strikes), Accuracy (the possibility to get a hit and a critical strike) and Agility (the rate of your strikes and the quantity of time necessary to recharge your own abilities). Gold is used to get gear in the Blacksmith. There are six slots to flex for every gladiator that are the chest, chest, shoulders, legs and arms. Each of the gear sold from the Blacksmith have various rates. It’s possible to sell the gear that you currently have you receive a specific quantity of gold back. Additionally there are a number of weapons which have particular skills. Bear in mind that some gear and weapons are just for certain kinds of gladiators.

It is possible to purchase gladiators in the current market, distinct gladiators will have distinct foundation stats, can use various kinds of weapons and gear and every gladiator is going to have distinct price.

The special thing about the game is that besides getting gold out of winning games in the stadium, it is possible to also do quests scattered around the map. These quests may have distinct issues ranging from 1 to 3 stars and also the greater the amount of stars, the more gold you will get.