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Happy Room


About Happy Room

In this game, your task is to put many kinds of weapons and traps in a restricted room so that it might cause the maximum harm potential to the test dummy that is put in the center of the area. The Quantity of harm from the firearms and seals will be depended on the dummy’s body components like so :

Head: maximum Quantity of harm it may take: 750
Length: maximum Quantity of harm it may take: 1200
Length: maximum Quantity of harm each arm may shoot: 1050
Legs: maximum Quantity of harm each leg may carry: 1400

When beginning the game, you’re going to be provided a tutorial and will have 3 cubes unlocked in the beginning. There are a number of 11 kinds of weapons and traps together with a few different items, and if you trigger a certain amount of harm to the dummy, a particular trap/weapon will be unlocked. Bear in mind that you could drop the dummy as many times as you need but whenever you discard it, the more damage counter will refresh rather than add up.

Yet another interesting feature is that you’re always given 3 goals to finish each single time you shed the dummy, and based on the goal, you may either get green cash(use to purchase traps/weapons) or purple cash(use to update traps/weapons). In this manner you’ve got each trap/weapon at your disposal and you are not limited to just how much cash you’ve got.

The most attractive thing about the game that is also what makes the hard for gamers is that every trap/weapon will have its own specific applications, characteristics, activation range and cost. You are going to need to attempt to create the best mixes of traps/weapons it’s possible to produce to be able to deal the maximum amount of harm potential to the dummy. It’s possible to choose a trap/weapon back or put it somewhere else in the event that you believe the positioning of it is not appropriate, and if you choose a trap/weapon back, then you are given back the money which you use to purchase said trap/weapon.

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How to play?

This game simply uses the mouse to play with, you merely click on the trap/weapon that you need to set in the game display and set it where you desire it to be.
Constantly have a snare beneath the dummy and attempt to put as many bouncers as possible to bounce up the dummy so that it may keep on receiving harm from different traps/weapons.
The dummy will constantly move a certain way each time you drop it in case you depart the traps/weapons since they’re so which you are able to compute where to place the next trap/weapon.