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Hobo 2


Hobo 2 Game

Hobo two is the sequel for this typical and enjoyable fighting game series manufactured by Seething Swarm and released by Armor Games. Within this part, our hobo was thrown into jail for migrating people places from the first match, but his character stays the same. His inmate could not take his dirtiness and neurological behaviour a single day at lunch time, he struck him once.

Your aim in Hobo 2 would be to assist our hobo conquer all which are in his manner, preventing him from escaping such as the tough-looking offenders, the prison keepers, guards who have firearms and especially the Last boss of the game: a truck carrying soldiers and also a

In this match, the combos that the hobo will make have been upgraded, the dirtiness has growth and also has a broader impact range. When you reach fresh combos, the match will provide you a code so that when you return to the match, you only have to enter the code and also the hobo will have the ability to use the combos without needing to replay the match. Yet another thing, when you overcome the guards which have firearms, the hobo can grab the guns and use them.