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Hobo 7 Heaven


Hobo 7 Heaven Game

Hobo 7: Heaven is the first installment of the typical and enjoyable fighting game series developed by Seething Swarm and released by Armor Games. Within this part, our hobo after beating Satan doesn’t have any idea why he’s hauled into paradise. Nonetheless, this really is a sacred place and can be heavily prohibited for people such as our hobo to go into so he got chased off by angels. Angry because of this, our hobo once more wrecks up things trying to ruin heaven itself only to ease his anger.

Your goal in Hobo 7 will be to assist our hobo conquer all of the angels in heaven, and attempt to pick up weapons such as gold fruits, sacred swords… since they could be of use for you in conflict. Most of all, attempt to defeat the last boss of the particular game: God, the powerful ruler of all of paradise.

When reaching fresh combos, the match will provide you a code so that if you return into the match, you simply have to type from the code along with the hobo will have the ability to use the combos without needing to replay the match.