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Ice Cream Pirates


About Ice Cream Pirates

Ice Cream Pirates is an enjoyable puzzle game. Your work at “Ice Cream Pirates” will be to assist the naughty elf take care of the treasure chest prior to the pirates reach it.

Ice Cream Pirates will pursuits players because following each phase the amount of pirates will grow, you will need to put traps at the ideal places to take out each of the pirates until they reach your torso. However, you are going to need to place the various traps in the right places as the pirates may use certain things to get pass the seals. You will also need to compute to have the ability to place the appropriate traps in the ideal spots. As an instance, King Kong may take out around 3 pirates, the bee’s nest may take out around two pirates… but in case the pirates still possess things then they can easily pass on the traps and reduce the reduction of pirates.