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Jungle Runner


About Jungle Runner

Jungle Runner is an unlimited runner kind sport. What is unique in this sport is the fact that it has several unique challenges and the participant also have many abilities they could trigger.

In “Jungle Runner”, the player handles a raccoon since it goes through the phases within this mysterious jungle and then catch the diamonds in route. The raccoon will always run and your task is to use the mouse to have the raccoon pass the hurdles such as leaping up higher streets, throwing oranges to conquer the enemies, rolling beneath spiky wooden logs, double jump to achieve the diamonds high up… Recall that each and every time that the raccoon’s hit, it is going to lose 1 hit point.

Jungle Runner also features an update platform where it’s possible to use the diamonds that you gathered to update the raccoon’s skills like raising its reach points, running pace, the capacity to dodge… or increase the length of power-ups you may get inside the amounts such as magnets, protects…