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Kingdom Rush


About Kingdom Rush

In this game, your task is to create towers so as to conquer waves of enemies in each stage.

Starting out, you are awarded 4 basic types of towers, each with its own skill and cost, which you may just construct at the plan factors and these towers could be updated by clearing stages to unlock the greater degree towers. At the start of each point, you will have a certain quantity of health, if 1 enemy reaches at the ending then you will lose 1 hit point, and if you drop all of your hit points then it is game over. Each phase will even have several waves of enemies and the game will let you know that the numbers of enemies in each tide in addition to their own characteristics. Rely on this information to build the right towers and create the maximum damage possible to the enemy.

The basic Kinds of towers in Kingdom Rush comprise :
Barracks: trains militia, demanding soldiers who obstruct and harm enemies.
Mages: cast armor piercing connectors at enemies, dismissing any physiological defense.
Dwarven bombard: floor enemies coping area harm.

Something unique about this sport is that between each wave there is a cooldown period, however you can telephone them out early, this allows you control the period of time passed and can help one to disperse soldiers suitably to create death the phases simpler. You could even unlock additional intriguing features like having the ability to purchase various kinds of troops and place them on the road to fight against the enemies. When clearing a point, you’re going to be given celebrities that you may use to update the stats and characteristics of the towers in addition to the aid abilities.