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King’s Rush


About King’s Rush

King’s Hurry is an exciting activity genre produced by Smokoko S.A. The sport has adorable graphics and entertaining games which are appropriate for all ages, particularly kids and families.

The more time you run the more gold you’re going to get. This gold could be used to improve your cart, purchase boosters or gadgets that will assist you run farther.

There are a total of 3 regions, where Frostland is the initial region where you can start the journey. Additionally, the sport has a method of accomplishments with 10 challenges for you along with other attributes have never been unlocked.

The most intriguing point of the game is your obstacles in your way. You may fall upon snowmen, snow heaps obstructing your way or large snow creatures. Make the most of the skills you have, like leaping to dodge barriers or shooting bullets to kill enemies facing you.

You should notice that in every turn you may possess 3 bloods.