Madmen Racing


About Madmen Racing

Madmen Racing is a very enjoyable and exceptional racing game with adorable and colorful visuals ideal for children and families developed by Dmytro Borozenets.

There are a number of 15 characters in this game, each controlling another automobile ranging from a hamburger automobile and also a Trojan horse automobile to a flying carpet and just a spaceship… But when you begin the match, you’re just given one personality together with a easy vehicle. To have the ability to unlock the other characters, you are likely to have purchase them with cash.

The sport has a complete 18 stages, each phase rewarding you with much more money the greater your accomplishments are. When utilizing Nitro, your automobile will accelerate, no matter how the Nitro can simply be utilized for a brief time period, and once it is consumed, you are going to need to wait patiently for it to regenerate on its own before you may use it again.

Additionally in every phase, you can get bonus money through the celebrities which you get. At times you’re going to be asked to be in a particular position or need to execute a particular number of flips, other times you need to ruin the snowmen on the race track…

You will want to look closely at the vehicles’ stats. Every vehicle has 6 unique stats and you can use the cash you’ve earned to update these stats and also make your vehicles more efficient.