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Magic Safari


About Magic Safari

The images are extremely cute and appropriate for all ages, particularly kids and families.

Your primary job in this game is to assist the adorable monkey push the vehicle through the obstacles along the way. The sport will have a number of stages, each phase will have different terrain and distinct challenges.

The intriguing part of the sport is You Will have 4 unique purposes:

Destroy: Conquer the barriers.

Gravity: Makes the barriers lighter and will fly increased.

Form: alter the form of the barrier.

Magic: round the fighter’s path.

You want to benefit from those functions to pass the point. There are times that you have to combine at least two faction with each other to find a means to conquer the challenges of this match.

Be aware which you will need to fill out the point as fast as possible. There’s a max of 3 stars and in the event the time you finish is quickly you are going to have more celebrities and more things.