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Monsters TD2


About Monsters TD2

Monsters TD2 is a mystery game blending with tower protection. Simple graphical games and entertaining game play will provide you lots of fun and comfort.

In every phase, you’ll need to develop various kinds of towers to ruin the creatureswhich appear on the map. Each map may have places that you create towers on, and such places are limited in amount.

The game has several distinct kinds of towers with various applications and different cost. This is a element that highlights the strategic of the game. As soon as you kill the monster and finish the wave, you’ll have gold.

Additionally, you also have “active abilities” to kill creatures quicker. But you have to unlock them until you are able to use them.

Each phase will have numerous monster waves. Following each wave, there’ll be time for you to create the tower. But, it is possible to even offer the monster “look” instantly or utilize “X2 rate” to conserve time.

The game also has award – winning accomplishments for gamers and “abilities” so you may update and make you more powerful.