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About Mushroomer

Mushroomer is a experience game manufactured by Alexander Ahura. In the game you may play a man with a hammer onto his back and learn more about the mushroom kingdom, your job would be to take all of the mushrooms on the street and visit the door throughout the following.

Game impressed with the adorable images and glowing, close game universe.

If you strike an enemy or reset the degree, you eliminate a community. And at every level will have the variety of mushrooms you want to accumulate, perhaps sufficient you won’t have the capability to degree. When you consume mushrooms, you’ll gain points, and also at the maps there’ll be concealed chests in hard to get places, but if you get them will probably find a whole lot of points.

The sport also has many challenges to get the participant, typically using these cubes, moving them, throwing them or beating them to make way for them, or you need to create use of the gears, push Cease up them to make portable wooden ladders, and also the regions in which the air bubbles assist you proceed to a higher place …

The enemy system in the sport is also quite varied, there are times when you will confront the mushrooms become ghost mushrooms with sharp teeth, creatures with the insect available ready to strike when you strategy. And particularly the dragons are able to spit fire … you are able to ruin them by using stones onto them or together with your hammer to strike them.