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My Friend Pedro


About My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro is a shooter game developed by DeadToast Entertainment, with music by Yoav Landau. The game has a total of 7 levels for players to experience as well as 6 achievements for players to try and get. The game centralizes on new players, so when you start the game, you’ll immediately be given instructions through the tutorial.

In this game, you control your character with a gun in hand as you go into gangster hideouts and defeat all the gangsters. You have a health bar, and when you’re hit, your health decreases, once you’re out of HP, you die. At the start of the game, you are given a knife and a gun, but as you progress, you can pick up and use multiple weapons from the enemies. You can switch between your weapons, however each gun has a certain amount of ammo in its cartridge, and if you run out of ammo, you’ll have to wait a bit to reload your weapon before you can continue using it.

After you defeat an enemy, you can pick up their weapon. If it’s a new weapon, you get to use it, but if it’s a weapon that you already have, it’ll increase the amount of ammo for that weapon. You can also slow down time to dodge the enemies’ projectiles.