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Need Brain


About Need Brain

Want Brain is a puzzle game created by VladG, images by mAx and audio by Alexander Balint. Your job is to utilize meals brains to tempt them from the sewers and find a means to kill them. These brains will exude a flavor and will tempt zombies into the place of their mind.

The intriguing part of the sport is that you’ll need to kill the zombies in lots of ways. In the point there’ll be different ways, and you also must benefit from these situations, stage information and unite them to finish point.

At the beginning of each point, in the top left corner of the game screen you will notice the most quantity of brains you may place in that point. Each sewer is going to have just one zombies inside.

At the beginning of each phase, you may have 100 points and the rating will probably fall as time passes. So attempt to fill out the point as fast as possible.

Some things to notice in the sport:

Zombies passing throughout the buttons put the burst, and the explosion will burst.
When the maps have beer to take then you are able to shoot the zombies from the taken area.
The positioning of these walls won’t have the ability to put down the mind.
Take Advantage of the round barrels to roll up across the zombies.