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Night Lights


About Night Lights

Night Lights is a superb puzzle game created by Bombocracker. With exceptional gameplay and easy images, this internet flash game is appropriate for all ages.

Each phase will differ maps and your duty is to discover the way to the entrance door to keep on playing the next phase.

In every phase, you’ll come across that the exact unique lights system. These lights will illuminate a room and also help you proceed through this region. With no lights you won’t be able to acquire through the walls.

The lighting is also quite varied. You might need to turn on the switch to trigger them, or else they will automatically move in a particular space … And you have to rely on those attributes to finish the stage.

You may pick up them to take along. You could even turn them on to light up the area you’re standing on. This is an excellent and significant feature so that you may overcome difficult obstacles in this sport.