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Ninja Boy


About Ninja Boy

Ninja Boy is a activity kind sport. In this game, you control a ninja as you attempt to conquer all of the monsters and reach the treasure chests. To conquer the monsters, you will want to use the mouse to target the ninja in them and you will need to defeat all of them until you are able to start the treasure chest.

Bear in mind that while flying, you may still target the ninja’s trajectory constantly. Additionally, there are coins in each point which you ought to make an effort and catch to get the maximum score possible in each and every stage.

Each time you accumulate a coin or conquer an enemy, our ninja will yell in a humorous way along with the dual kill, triple trill, ultra kill voice clips seem menacing.

You also ought to bear in mind that every stage limits one to a particular number of jumps, and try to jump as many occasions as you can when beating a point because the longer jumps you create, the fewer amount of stars you will receive when you conquer specified point.