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Orion Sandbox


About Orion Sandbox

Orion Sandbox is a open-world sandbox game. When you’ve played games such as Minecraft and Terraria you then can see Orion Sandbox as a miniature version of those games around the 2D flash net.

You do not need to fret too much though as the game provides you a fast tutorial about the best way best to get things and create weapons and weapons.

In Orion Sandbox, you will find seven Major sections:

Blocks: you can earn 28 distinct materials to construct homes.
Decorations: you are able to make 28 distinct substances to decorate homes.
Tools: you can earn 26 tools that will assist you endure from day to day like pickaxes to split rock, empty cages to capture creatures, empty containers to collect water that may be used to produce potions…
Armors: create 5 distinct collections of armors to assist reduce damage when being assaulted.
Consumables: you are able to make 9 kinds of things, each with a different use like torches for light up dark places, recovery potions to restore your HP…
Repair Things: whenever you use your weapons and tools, they will slowly eliminate durability so that you can fix them here.

Attempt to construct a home and equip yourself with all armors and weapons to manage zombies when nighttime falls. If you defeat them, you are going to receive EXP and when you get enough, you will level up and be more powerful. You will get rid of health once the zombies sting you, in which case it’s possible to eat meat or drink a potion to cure yourself but keep in mind that once you cure yourself after, there’ll be a particular quantity of time which you need to wait until you can continue recovery.

When you are starting out, in case there are too many zombies about, you may just dig yourself a cave and then block the entry to safeguard yourself from these. Also keep in mind that if you are submerge, there is a pub showing you just how long it’s possible to breathe underwater.