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Papa Louie 2


About Papa Louie 2

In this sport, you may choose to play either as a man (Marty), a woman (Rita).

When you start the game, you must see an introductory video about the sport: You’re serving clients on the particular Free Burgers Day if a peculiar customer looks and throws a bizarre looking coin to the tips jar. Then a rift suddenly appears and creatures are observed coming from it since they drag all of the clients and also you to the rift. Your job today is to defeat all the monsters in your course and also rescue all of the clients that they have seized and deliver them back to our planet.

The game also includes a timer to time the length of time it took for one to complete the stage. Attempt to collect stone coins and blossoms to acquire more things.

Together with the typical creatures, you can jump onto their minds to either stun them or you’ll be able to hit them. With beans creatures though, you can not conquer them immediately and instead are needed to beat them up until they fall apart.

When you finish a stage, you will get new abilities that will assist you with later phases.