Papa Louie 3


About Papa Louie 3

In this sport, you may choose to play either as a man (Marty), a woman (Rita).

When you start the game, you get to see an introductory video on the match: You and your colleagues are serving in a Papa Louie on a ship. At a celebration where the restaurant has been released, the odd customer from the next match seems again and has once more made a rift to shoot everybody on the ship to candies land. Your purpose is to defeat all of the monsters and save the captured clients in this new territory.

In the next match, the challenges are somewhat more difficult as you sometimes might need to move submerged. The game also includes a timer to time the length of time it took for one to complete the stage.

Together with the typical creatures, you can jump in their minds to either stun them or you’ll be able to hit them. Together with sundae monsters however, you can not conquer them instantly and instead are needed to beat them up until they fall apart.

When you finish a stage, you will get new abilities that will assist you with later phases.